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Tarsha Bell - Baytown, TX

Tuesday 06 February, 2007

I am very impressed with the plus vitamins. I have had severe thinning and breakage for the last 7 years. I've gone to dermatologists for steroid injections and have been to several beauticians with no results. I've taken only 1 bottle of this product and I have seen drastic results. NO LIE!!! Wish I'd found out about NOURITRESS sooner. I am in the Houston area. I learned of the product in a Black magazine while getting my hair done. You guys should do a commerical world wide.NO JOKE, it's thaaaaat impressing. Thanks a bunch!!!!!
Testimonial By: Tarsha Bell - Baytown, TX

Essa Williams, Freeport, Bahamas

Tuesday 02 January, 2007

I used to have dry flakes in my scalp, and no matter what I used on it they would not go away. Now my scalp is cleaner than it's ever been. It doesn't even look like my own. It looks so healthy. The conditioner and leave-in reconstructor gives my hair beautiful body and bounce that is out of this world! My hair strands look so thick and strong. I just cut bangs in front and it looked so heavy, I decided to wear it off my face. I'm on my third bottle now and I can't wait till my hair grows out to my back so that I can wear long layers. My hair is so healthy and strong now, and it grows so fast it's hard to fix it three weeks after a relaxer. This is a miracle product! I bless God that I've found you! By the way...I am a hair stylist and I have a number of my clients on the vitamins. They're all experiencing the same great results. Keep up the good work!
Testimonial By: Essa Williams, Freeport, Bahamas

E. Sweats, Minneapolis, MN

Tuesday 04 April, 2006

Dear NouriTress, My hair has certainly grown out beautiful. I used the womenÔÇÖs Rogaine for several years but with the high increase in price I could not continue to afford it any longer. I saw your ad in a Hair Magazine about the NouriTress Vitamin and decided I would try this. I said to myself, I had nothing to lose by trying this vitamin because I had NO HAIR! Now here I am with a beautiful head of hair for the summer and my husband just loves it. I do highly recommend the vitamins to anyone that wants a beautiful head of hair and donÔÇÖt want to wear a wig. I am taking my 3rd bottle now and I thank GOD for NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamins PLUS. I had tried everything, spent lots of money but finally I found something that really works. Thank you for advertising your product in the magazine so that I could find you. God Bless you, and I want this to be a blessing to other women that want to wear their own hair.
Testimonial By: E. Sweats, Minneapolis, MN

Selina Y. Bell, - Woodbine, GA

Friday 03 March, 2006

IÔÇÖm very impressed with the results of using your NouriTress products. I started using your products about one and a half months ago. IÔÇÖm using the hair vitamins plus, shampoo, conditioner and the hair stimulator. My hair is now a lot healthier than ever before and my hair is steadily growing within a two week period. I am a big advocate and promoter of the NouriTress products. Hey, IÔÇÖm telling everybody I know. So NouriTress, keep doing what youÔÇÖre doing, because the products are great!!!!
Testimonial By: Selina Y. Bell, - Woodbine, GA


Wednesday 01 February, 2006

THANK YOU ! I have never seen such a drastic change in my hair in so long I think I am dreaming. I have been taking NouriTress for 3 month and my hair was to my neck and now it is touching my shoulders. I get so many compliments my friends say, GIRLFRIEND, your hair is so healthy and growing and I said NouriTress did it! Go get you some OKAY! I donÔÇÖt know the secret, but ItÔÇÖs like the sun and the rain on plants outside. Thank You and God Bless.
Testimonial By: M. DILLINGHAM

I give it 4 Stars!

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

I am seeing some results. (Edge Repair Follicle Treatment Drops)
Testimonial By: M.L.

This Product Really Works!

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

Really great product. Works really quick too. I've seen a major growth in my hair and my nails
Testimonial By: S. Thompson

This stuff really works!

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

This stuff really works!

My Hair was coming out in my hands and thinning out in the top! My stylist told me all I could do was wear a weave! I heard about NouriTress Hair Vitamins and products and decided to give it a try! After only 45 days, my co-workers started asking me what am I using on my hair because there was a noticeable difference! I too did my homework and compared their ingredients to other brands and these had the most ingredients and would help with hair growth and would stop my breakage and thinning! All I can say is Thanks NouriTress for Giving Me My Hair Back and now I am Wearing my Own Hair Again!" (Lady T. - Chicago, IL)
Testimonial By: T. Blandin