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ConditioningRelaxerNouriTress Professional Shea Enriched Conditioning Relaxer was developed with an enriched mixture of Shea Butter and moisturizing conditioners to keep the hair healthy during the relaxing process. This sodium hydroxide base relaxer contains less chemical actives with conditioners that optimize straightening and conditioning. Enriched with Shea Butter, this relaxer provides superior conditioning during relaxing process that adds lubricity, and a soft silky feel. Available in Normal strength ONLY this medium strength formula is for Normal Hair. If  your client requires a mild strength or if her hair is color treated, we recommend that you use Nouritress No-Lye Vitamin Crème Relaxer System.

VitaminCrèmeRelaxerNo Lye Sensitive Scalp Vitamin Crème Relaxer with Vitamin Serum: This “healthy hair relaxer” is specially formulated with essential vitamins to help provide nourishment to the hair and scalp during the relaxer process while protecting the scalp against irritation.


Smooth & Nautural RELAXER FREE Foam Smoothing Solution is designed to make natural hair more manageable by softening and loosening the hair’s natural curl pattern.  Formulated with amino acids and proteins, the Smooth & Natural Smoothing solution allows natural hair to stay in a smooth and straight position longer without the swift reversion if water or moisture is exposed to the natural hair. Watch Video OR View Brochure.

PURENeutralizer“PURE Conditioning Neutralizer” is designed to simultaneously neutralize and condition the hair without harsh neutralizing shampoos. PURE instantly neutralizes alkalinity and restores the natural acid mantle to the hair after the relaxer service. PURE repairs and revitalizes damaged hair, reduces cuticle damage that causes hair loss and provide moisture, sheen, texture and body to the hair.

NouriCleanseNouriCleanse Neutralizing Shampoo removes all chemicals, leaving hair clean and fresh.  Specially designed for use with NouriTress Shea Enriched Relaxer, NouriCleanse is a non-drying formula that restores hair to its natural pH while leaving color and moisture in tact.

ProtectiveCremeNouriTress Scalp Protective Creme is specially formulated to soothe and protect sensitive skin from irritation and discomfort during professional chemical applications.


Stimulating Scalp Cleanser is a salon formula treatment cleanser designed to deep cleanse and remove DHT from both hair and scalp. Formulated with Soy Protein and Tea Tree Oils, this Stimulating Scalp Conditioner is also designed to increase blood circulation to stimulate growth and protect dry and itchy scalp problems commonly associated with dandruff.


HyrdaCleanse Hydrating Shampoo is a creamy formulation of blended compounds, proteins, moisturizers, and humectants specially formulated to cleanse and add moisture to the hair. Designed to restore hair moisture to its optimum level, our super moisturizing system of mild cleansing agents, conditioners and humectants add pliability, flexibility, softness and shine to the hair.  Safe for color treated hair

VitaminConditionerMoisturizing Vitamin Conditioner is specially formulated to detangle and moisturize the hair after shampooing.  Specially blended with Vitamin E, conditioners and silicones, Moisturizing Vitamin Conditioner leaves the hair feeling soft and silky.

ScalpConditionerStimulating Scalp Conditioner is a salon formula treatment conditioner designed to repair the hair cuticle, add Body & Shine to the hair and Increase blood circulation as it rejuvenates the scalp. It also protects the scalp against irritation during chemical services.

LeaveInLeave In Therapy Conditioner is a vitamin enriched leave in hair and scalp therapy that helps encourage new hair growth. Providing essential botanicals and nutrients, it smooths the damaged hair shaft, repairs, restructures, and re-bonds the hair for a healthy shiny look.

ProteinTherapyStop Shedding Protein Therapy is a salon formulation of a rich blend of proteins that seals the cuticle and helps improve the elasticity and porosity of the hair to immediately stop hair shedding and hair breakage.


Steam It Moisturzing Conditioner was formulated to eliminate dryness caused by chemical processing and neglect.   It repairs split ends and stops static fly away hairs caused by breakage. This moisturizing conditioner was designed to provide extra moisture that is needed for natural hair or dry brittle hair. “Steam It” is best used with the use of a Hair Steamer! If a hair steamer is not available, use with a plastic cap.

MoistureWrapMoisture Wrap Foaming Lotion is a special salon formula wrap lotion that contains a rich blend of conditioning agents that gives the hair body, shine and movement.  Moisture Wrap Foaming Lotion  helps nourish, condition and strengthen the hair.

LustreNouriTress® Hair Lustre Shine Spray was designed to provide the hair with a lustrous shine. This light weight formula doesn’t weigh the hair down and gives the hair body and leaves a satin finish. Hair Lustre protects the hair against thermal damage caused by flat ironing


NouriShaper is a hair spray that contains environmentally friendly ingredients and advanced componentry.  Ingredients like Rosemary and Sage Extracts promote healthy hair and Ginseng Extract adds lasting support.  This dry workable spray won’t flake as it provides hold and shine to the hair thus preventing dryness that Spritz’s and other holding sprays does to the hair.

EdgeControlEdge Control is a light non greasy & flake free formula that lays your client’s edges down whether is natural or relaxed. Edge Control smooths, and conditions with holding power.  Great for retail!

NouriSilkNouriSilk is a unique blend of Moroccan argan oil, Shea oil, Omega 6 antioxidants, Vitamin E and Macadamia seed oil that helps protect and condition the hair and skin. NouriSilk provides shine to dull hair, helps prevent split ends, reduces hair frizz and helps restore damaged hair.


NouriTress Perfect Hair VitaOil with Vitamin E & Argan Oil is a special blend of soothing botanicals, vitamins and natural oils needed to protect and maintain healthy hair, skin and scalp. This lightly scented oil is designed to give extra shine and moisture to the hair. VitaOil can also be used to soften and condition the skin.

MoisturizingVitaminCrMoisturizing Vitamin Conditioner is specially formulated to detangle and moisturize the hair after shampooing.  Specially blended with Vitamin E, conditioners and silicones, Moisturizing Vitamin Conditioner leaves the hair feeling soft and silky.

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